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Tragedy took a life today
Trial by fire
Is probably the worst possible way to go
For someone who always had a smile
Even in days dark and dreary
With a booming voice sometimes adorned in corpse paint
She lead newly hatched ducklings to the treacherous seas
In an industry so cut throat she always slashed back
She can finally rest her sword and shield
Yet I still feel the Universe is being damn unfair
It gave her the american dream
And then it got swept from under her feet
But she kept on running feeling no defeat
In her fight she did lose sleep
She was worked to the bone
Even when her wellness was steep
But she always got the job done
She always had her wit and her guns
Walked with legs of steel
Never slowing down while wearing skull crushing boots on
Nothing could hold her down
She just got back on that stage
And tore it a new one

To draw the curtain close so soon
On someone who wasn't very physically old
She supported so meany
Loved so much
Never gave a fuck
A true rebel at heart
I hope she’s saying hi to all the legends up there
I’ll try to wear the most colorful shirts I own
And learn to never give up
I got a feeling she’d be pissed off if I did

Poem dedicated to Anderson Mar-Desjardins

Date: 2014-04-03 12:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Very nice love... still pretty stunned about her passing, but I think this poem captures something of her essence, and yours.

Date: 2014-04-07 02:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
apparently the family didn't care for it since my post was taken down from Anderson memorial FB site.


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