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2014-04-23 04:12 pm


Me: Hey stomach you said having some oysters yesterday would keep me happy, what gives?
Stomach: Ohh..I dunno, talk to brain, maybe eating more chocolate will help?
Me: Hi Brain, are you giving me a chemical imbalance?
Brain: You shouldn't have drank last night. I’m bored today so I’m going to over analyze all the things you can’t change and have no control over.
Me: I only had one drink last night!
Brain: Yeah well then talk to heart, it’s probably the reason why you feel sad. To be honest though I’m sleep deprived and why did you think taking a break from coffee cold turkey was a wise decision? I'm more helpful when you give me something to do.
Stomach: OMG! Can we get some coffee later!?please!?please!please!?
Brain: Yes, will need coffee or a nap might suffice.
Me: Heart? What is wrong now?
Heart: You know or should know perfectly well what’s wrong and where not on speaking terms until my demands are met!
Me: ...*sigh
***eats more chocolate***