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Hi, this is a friends only LJ, but I will always have open posts regarding about my latest work, and art galleries were my art is being displayed.
Leave a comment in the friends only post, (Or where ever) if you would like more information about the art you have seen. Thank you.

Oubliette Studios - Abnormal Arts and Forgotten Oddities

I’m a creator of Post Apocalyptic, Futuristic, Cyber Punk, Horror, Fantasy, Victorian inspired paintings, drawings, clothing, accessories and props.

I have liquid latex and regular body painting experience and I’m always looking for more events for models to paint on.

For the past few years I’ve been creating costumes & props for myself, LARPS, non profit events, hosting crafting party's and I've been selling my art work and accessories on my etsy site.

Mediums and styles I enjoy working in/with: paints: Acrylic, oils, Indian ink, spray paint and liquid latex. Drawing: calligraphy pen’s, charcoal and your average pencil or pen. I like to work with every medium I can afford to get my hands on. At some point, I’d like to work with silicone. Hope Depot is my playground! I’m that type of person that can find art in rubble, stains and cracks.

I support The Bickbottom Artist Association, Out of The Blue Gallery, and Third Life Studio.
Art for Sale! You can buy it here!

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